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Easy Get Mail Button

This extension adds get all messages capability to the standard Get new messages button, by making it context-sensitive:
If you have the root folder of an account selected in the folder pane it will get the new messages for that account only.
If any other folder is selected (including a subfolder of an account), it gets new messages for all accounts.

Download Easy Get Mail Button 0.2 (Repackaged for the 0.7 extension manager)

My first original extension, this arose from my dislike of menu buttons. I wanted one button which would get new mail from all my accounts at once, or just the selected account, with no fuss.

Mozilla Firefox

Tab X

Written by Clav, this extension puts a close button in each tab. The original uses the letter X as the button. I modified it to use a tab bar close button instead. There are two versions available: The first simply adds the button; the second also removes the top and bottom padding from the tab to reduce its height. Each is available as an XPI installer, or as a Jar file to replace the one already in your chrome folder.

Version which just adds the button and results in a large tab: Install now or download the XPI installer or Jar

Version which also removes the padding above and below the tab text: Install now or download the XPI installer or Jar

Please note that themes and userchrome.css rules can override the tab height adjustment.

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